Words & Wine – February 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012 3:30pm
A.R.T./ New York Studios- 520 Eighth Avenue, 3rd Floor

Featuring 6 Brand New Short Plays:

Aphrodite at the E.R. by Nancy Gall-Clayton
Aphrodite: Valerie David, Bud: Jack DeLorenzo, Stage Directions: Stephanie Schwartz

(L. to R. ) Stephanie, Jack and Valerie

Bar Belle by Janis Butler Holm
Ro: Andree Lambertson, Madge: Marjorie Conn, Bree: Lynn Manuell, Stage Directions: Julia Genoveva

(L. to R.) Julia, Andree, Lynn, Marjorie

Canyon’s Edge by Barbara Lindsay
Roy: Andrew Dorph, Coral: Madalyn McKay, Kathy: Jenny Paul

(L to. R.) Madalyn, Andrew, Jenny

Kitchen Sink Drama by John C. Davenport
Knife: William Kozy Sponge: Gus Ferrari, Plastic Fork: Marnie Klar, Stage Directions: Vicki Oceguera

(L. to R.) Vicki, Marnie, William and Gus

X Marks the Spot by Pam Munson Steadman
Elizabeht: Lucy Sorlucco, Phil: Elliot Crown

(L. to R. ) Lucy, Elliot and playwright Pam Munson Steadman

Fairely Speaking by Steve Strangio
Sean: Charles Moran, Liz: Danielle Erin Rhodes, Minstrel: Tym Moss

(L. to R.) Playwright Steve Strangio, Charles, Danielle, Tym

Words and Wine February Producer: Gus Ferrari