Standing Tall

FACT Stands Tall with Season Opener;
A Tribute to 9-11 in One Night Reading



NEW YORK – An adaptation of the book STANDING TALL – the emails, journals and creative writings of 9/11

November 7th at 7:00 PM
at ArtNY Bruce Mitchell Theatre, 520 Eighth Avenue, 3rd Floor

For Reservations please email name and number of tickets to

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Meet the Creative Team
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[wptabtitle] About[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]STANDING TALL, which is published by Library Tales Publishing, was compiled immediately after 9/11 by author, Lynn Manuell. During her trip across country after the events of 2001 she was questioned by those she met about her whereabouts and response, being a New Yorker. Lynn decided to reach across the globe to collect the emails and writings about the event, which she compiled into STANDING TALL in order to raise money for World Trade Center charities. The book was published in 2013 and is filled with moving and diverse viewpoints. Each entry is immediate and not something viewing the event from the perspective of history, but from a need to reach out to others experiencing the same event at the same time. Actors, Soldiers, Children and people from around the globe are included. Before Facebook and Twitter email was our way to reach each out to each other.

This summer Jack Dyville of FACT THEATRE COMPANY asked Lynn to create a script based on the original material. Lynn and Laurie Eliscu crafted a piece that focuses not so much on the events, which most people know, but instead on the response. “The generosity, care and support everyone gave each other at that time was deeply embedded in the original writings. As we have had nearly 15 years pass this communal spirit that emerged has disappeared.” According to the author. “I wanted the caring that followed these events to be the focus of this script. One of my favorite quotes was that “We are now neither democrats or republicans but Americans.” We see every day how far we have moved from this place and I hope the play will help to remind us of our heartfelt response. In addition this is primary source material which I hope can be utilized in the future for educational purposes.”

Each cast member plays several roles. The New Yorkers they represent are workers near the building, teaches, actors, volunteers, military and pacifists are some of those represented. Poetry and music play a part in how people responded to 9/11 – this too is included,