Words & Wine – November 2010

BITTEN by Penny Jackson (L. to R.) Ethan Sher, Elizabeth Bove

PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD by Bill Kozy (L. to. R.) Kerry Kastin, Marnie Klar, Jenny Paul, Andree Lambertson

PROTOTYPE OF THE PERFECT MAN by Nathaniel Kresson (L. to R.) Kelly K. Griffith, Laura Lane, Arthur Atkinson, Max Brand, Jessica Kuhne

THREE DAYS LYING IN A YARD by Mark D. Ransom (L. to R.) Bill Kozy, Lucy Sorlucco, Madalyn McKay

WORK BREAK by Steve Sherman (L. to R.) Shawn Davis, Jillian Ropollo

YOU GAVE ME NOTHING by Chris Purnell (L. to R.) Russell Jordan, Danielle Erin Rhodes, Barbara Fiscarel