Words & Wine – January 2010

WORDS & WINE, Our new Monthly Reading Series kicked-off January 31 at Joria Mainstage to a full house presenting 6 entertaining, funny, moving new plays with 22 talented, energetic, professional actor/actresses. Their talent, and the hard work of producer (and F.A.C.T. charter member/board member) Jessica Vera, made the inaugural reading a great success. So of course we couldn’t be more excited about the Words & Wines to come – starting with February’s event, on the 28th at 3:00.

In case you missed them, the plays featured in our first-ever Words & Wine were:

Ori & Addison by James C. Ferguson

Ori, an expectant (and thrifty) father, as well as a devoted Star Wars aficionado has decided to build his own crib…this is not a good idea.
Ori – a nervous father in his 30’s with his first baby on the way.
Addison – slightly younger than Ori, a divorced (needy?), lonely man with two older boys.

Choreography of Cyn and Marta by Rich Espy
Marta has brought Cyn to her hometown in order to say their vows on the steps of the county courthouse, despite death threats. Cyn wishes to retreat back home and not risk death, but Marta explains why the ceremony is vital to her and convinces Cyn to take the risk.
CYN, many ages throughout the play.
MARTA, a woman, also many ages throughout the play, but always ten years younger than CYN.

Car and Carriage Collide by Ruben Carbajal
Inspired by an image and the tagline: Horse pulling carriage goes wild in Manhattan, crashes into car
COMMUTER: a woman in her late 40s, arm in a cast.
COACHMAN: a man in his late 40s, smoking a cigarette.
HORSE: shiny chestnut coat, bandage on his head.

Eleanor Descending a Staircase by Ian August
Eleanor is eager to purchase a print of the famous Marcel Duchamp painting for her husband–but it’s not nearly as easy as it seems! Eleanor Descending a Staircase is a Dadaist play about a Dadaist painting, about living in a Dadaist world.
ELEANOR – A Nice Person, A Good Wife, 30’s
CLERK – A Clerk
GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL – A Government Official, played by the Clerk.
FRENCH CLERK – A Clerk. But French. Also played by the Clerk.
CLERK – The same Clerk as the first Clerk. But with a turban.

Early Dismissal by Vanessa David
Two women are speaking of shared experiences while waiting to pick up their loved ones.
MARY – 30-40
CONNIE – 30-40
AIDE – any age, can be male or female
JUNE – belongs to Mary
PENELOPE – belongs to Connie

An excerpt from K Comma Joseph by Kirby Fields
K – 37, a man with a desk job
HENRIETTA – 35, K’s wife, carrying his baby
RECEPTIONIST – 60, pretty much says it all
MAN – 55
MICHEL – 50, a bureaucratic thug (appears but has no lines in this excerpt)
PO-LICE 1 and PO-LICE 2 – 30’s

And of course, plays are just words without actors to bring them to life. Many thanks to:

Amanda Johnson, Tym Moss, Jack Dyville, Andree Lambertson, Brandi Varnell, Sabrina Gibbar, Madalyn McKay, Betty Hudson, Toni Staton, Jenny Paul, Libby Arnold, Brian Waters, Mara Dratfield, Will Perez, Rocio Mendez, Lucy Sorlucco, Ian McKenzie, Danielle Rhodes, Lynn Manuell, Chris Ferretti, Zach Rothman-Hicks, and Kathryn McConnell.