Words & Wine – February 2010

Wine Bottles

In January, we presented the first of our already very successful Words & Wine series. February’s event featured another 6 new short plays that varied in tone and genre. We were flattered to have 5 of the 6 playwrights in attendance to hear their work read by 22 incredibly talented actors. As audience members will tell you (at least, they told us!) their talent and the wonderful words of all six playwrights made the event a great success!

February’s Words & Wine featured the following plays:

A Fast-paced farce where 4 actors (2F–2M) perform all the roles. Here they have the opportunity to pull many accents out of their bag of theatrical tricks in this hilarious romp through a fictional, run-down flea-bag NYC Hotel Lobby.

THUMBTACKS & PUSHPINS by Gregg Pasternack
Leslie finds herself in a common New York situation – stuck next to an overly chatty stranger on the bus, with nowhere to escape.

An excerpt from LABOR DAY by Christopher Locke
20-year-old Philip returns to his home town – and is forced to face the hard truths that await him there.

DEATH WISH by Julia Bernal
A brother and sister reunite after many years and cannot put the past behind. This leads to events that change their lives forever.

BE WELL by Esta Fischer
A sharp satire on the possible future of our nation’s health care system.

5 residents of Galveston, TX recount how Hurricane Katrina effected their lives.

And of course, without the actors Words & Wine would just be people sitting around and reading. These are the people that made it a fantastic theatrical event:

Marcus Conerly, Gus Ferrari, Kevin Russo, Jenny Paul, Betty Hudson, Amanda Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Chris Ferretti, John Say, Danielle Rhodes, Toni Stanton, Jack Dyville, David Gillam Fuller, William Alvarez, Val Moranto, Ian McKenzie, Rocio Mendez, Lucy Sorlucco, Ian McKenzie, Zach Rothman-Hicks, Madalyn McKay, Andree Lambertson