Words & Wine – April 2010

April 25th marked the final Words & Wine of the 2009-2010 season, and the series went out with a bang!  The house was filled almost to overflowing with a wonderful audience that got to see life breathed into 6 fantastic new plays.

Plays featured in April included:

Office Romance by Penny Jackson

There's always more to an office relationship then meets the eye.

The Network by Nathaniel Kressen

Be careful what you write- it might come true!

Lutefisk by Lyn Coffin

You can't spell L-O-V-E without L-U-T-E-F-I-S-K... or can you?

Harley by Marcia Slatkin

Can someone really be saved?

A Match Lit in Heaven by Lila Louise Nawrocki

If your marriage isn't broke- don't fix it.

Mamet’s Butch by Phil O’Donoghue

Sexual Perversity In Chicago is given a new twist by college students

As always, thanks also goes out to the wonderful actors that make Words & Wine worth watching:

Libby Arnold, Brandi Varnell*, Lisette Silva, Lynn Manuel*, Steve Sherman, Laura Lane, Andree Lambertson, Jack Dyville*, Betty Hudson, Arlette Beauchamps, Laura Riley, Zach Rothman-Hicks*, Kim Stowell, Madalyn McKay, Kelly Griffith, Bill Kozy, Ivan Goris, David Gillam Fuller*, Jeff Johnson, Val Moranto*, Danielle Rhodes