Uff Da

Our FINAL Presentation of our 2nd Season PAGE TO STAGE presenting in Repertory MAY 13-22, 2011

“Booze in the Boroughs” by Penny Jackson

“Uff Da” by Jack Dyville

“UFF DA” a screwball comedy by Jack Dyville
all about Red Hat Ladies, Naughty Nuns and Marie Osmond!
with Betty Hudson* as Gertrude Dahl, Kathleen O’Neill* as Laurel Nolan, Lucy Sorlucco* as Helga Bjornson,
Lynn Manuell as Mildren Qualley, Mary Sprague as Margaret Hampton, Gus Ferrari as Curtis Fuller and Sam Charny as Wallace W. Walters. Directed by Mr. Dyville**

What happens when five yellow-school buses filled with little old Red Hat Ladies from the South Central Evangelical Conference of Western North Dakota trek across the Rough Rider State to see Marie Osmond in 'The Sound of Music' but fin No Marie, and No Sound of Music - only the 4th National Bus & Truck Company presenting the adult comedy 'Bedroom Bedlam'. These Golden Girls are Not Happy Campers!

The RED HAT Ladies Storm Backstage! (L. to R. ) Gus Ferrari, Betty Hudson, Lucy Sorlucco, Lynn Manuell

A Kodak Moment with Laurel Nolan on the set of 'Bedroom Bedlam' (L. to R.) Lynn Manuell, Betty Hudson, Kathleen O'Neill, Lucy Sorlucco

The Naughty Nuns (L. to R.) Betty Hudson, Sam Charny, Kathleen O'Neill

Maybe This Will Make 'Bedroom Bedlam' Look More Like 'Sound of Music' - Gus Ferrari

Please, Make Sure Sadie Takes No More Over The Counter Meds - (L. to R.) Betty Hudson, Mary Sprague

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? - (L. to R.) Betty Hudson, Sam Charny

And Marie will be Happy to Sing at Your Wedding - (L. to R.) Kathleen O'Neill, Mary Sprague, Betty Hudson, Sam Charny

The Playwright. Jack Dyville