Instant Theatre 2010

I think it’s safe to say that F.A.C.T.’s Instant Theatre was a success for all who were involved!

Instant Theatre 2010 ‎

When we begin the process on Friday, March 12, at 6:00pm we had 6 eager playwrights, 6 determined directors, and 18 courageous actors. By the time we closed on Monday March 15, we had a full, exciting, successful night of theater! I have participated in these types of festivals before as a playwright, but never as an actor. Both roles are equally scary and at the same time exciting. If you’re a playwright you stay up all night writing a play and hope that somewhere through your sleep-deprived mind that you connected with a good idea. But if you’re an actor then you have to squeeze a few weeks of rehearsal into only one day! No one has it easy during Instant Theatre, but everyone has fun.

The rules were that each playwright had the same opening line- “Look what the cat dragged in” and they had to include and mention a prop- which can best be described as a spinning disco-light ball. It was incredible to see what different (and interesting!!) paths each playwright went on. We had everything from laugh-out-loud farces to some pretty serious plays. There is no limit to the possibilities that creativity and adrenaline have to offer. Congratulations to the playwrights, actors, and directors who worked on Instant Theatre 2010 with F.A.C.T.!

The only unfortunate part of this festival was that it ended so quickly!

Here are some shots from the finished products:

Look What the Cat Dragged In by Ruben Carbajal

Actors: Amanda Johnson, Daniel Lugo, and Jennifer Banner Sobers


Directed by Jack Dyville

Cupcake Therapy by Serena Norr

Actors: Paige Lussier, Daryl Embry, and Lucy Sorlucco


Directed by Kathryn McConnell

Anchorage by Kirby Fields

Directed by John De Blass

Actors: Marcus Conerly, Sue Berch, and Pep Speed

Working Title: Gopher Lake by Nathaniel Kressen

Directed by Lynn Manuell

Actors: Kelly K. Griffith, William Kozy, and Zach Rothman-Hicks

Oh, What a Night by Penny Jackson

Actors: Steve Sherman, Laura Lane, and Kevin Russo

Directed by David Gillam Fuller

The Annie Grizzard Show by J. Boyett

Directed by Samantha Shechtman

Actors: Libby Arnold, Simone Zvi, and Brandi Varnell