“Gay-licious”, a celebration of GLBT Short Plays opens Season 2 for F.A.C.T. in association with Joria Productions September 16-17-18, 2010


"Limbo Lounge" by Marjorie Conn, Directed by Lynn Manuell Susan Wallack* (Tennessee Williams), Victoria Guthrie* (Federico Garcia Lorca), Lucy Sorlucco* (Elia Kazan). Not pictured Jenny Paul (Bartender)

"Bi-Identity Crisis" by Zach Rothman-Hicks, Directed by Jana Mattiolo Danielle Erin Rhodes* (Helen), Kraig Kehrer* (Phil), Phillip Martin (The Waiter)Written especially for FACT, the original script was adapted for a short film by Rothman-Hicks and produced and filmed by Ms. Mattiolo. Congratualtions and proud to be the birthplace for this new play.

"The Memory Book" by Jack Dyville*, Directed by David Gillam Fuller Jack Dyville* (John), Marcus Conerly* (Joseph)

"A Glass of Water" by Bob Ost, Directed by Mike Metzel** Sam Sommer (Michael), Steve Sherman* (Steven)

"Choreography of Cyn & Marta" by Rich Espey, Directed by Steven Hauck Elizabeth Bove* (Marta), Madalyn McKay (Cyn)

"Batperson & Robbie: Cute Meat" by Daniel Curzon, Directed by John DeBlass** Christopher McLamb* (Batperson), Kevin Russo (Robbie), Victoria Guthrie* (Flight Attendant)

* Denotes Actors’ Equity Assocaition Members
** Denotes Stage Directors & Choreographers Society