Connect the Plots + 3 Staged Readings

On October 19th & 20th, 2009 F.A.C.T. presented its first independent production: Connect the Plots. Each of the 3 acts that made up the completely new play One Big Happy Family was written by one of our resident playwrights. The acts were written without any previous discussion between the playwrights – each read the existing act(s) and took the story in their own direction.

The result was a truly unique theatrical experience:

The Playbill for Connect the Plots

"Meet Your New Mommy" - The DeCamp Patriarch (Dyville) introduces his children (Varnell, Ryan, Greenberg) to his new fiancée (Williams)

"Wrong Woman's Woman" - Sarah (Greenberg) catches her sister Susan (Moranto) with her other sister's girlfriend (Varnell)

"Wife Swap" - Victor DeCamp (Dyville) shares a clandestine moment with his EX-wife (Sorlucco)

As a prologue to Connect the Plots, we also presented staged readings of three new 10-minute plays written by our resident playwrights:

Moranto and Sorlucco in Bara Swain's Critical Care

Conerly, Paradies, and Varnell as the Palin family in Jack Dyville's Kiss Today Goodbye

Williams, Perez, Vera, Ryan, Greenberg, and Dyville in Zach Rothman-Hicks' Death By Fellatio