An Umbrella in the Snow

GALA Members/Industry READING
Sunday February 12, 2012
Hourglass Tavern
373 W. 46th Street, NYC
“An Umbrella in the Snow”
a new play by Jack Dyville¬†¬†(Read what people said about it…)

On Sunday February 12, Producers Jack Dyville and David Gillam Fuller hosted the members of FACT along with several industry people to an outstanding afternoon of good food, sangria and theatre!

Our sincere thanks to Beth Sheinis & Josh Toth, proprietors of the Hourglass on Resturant Row, NYC for allowing us to present our reading in such a warn & cozy atmosphere. Their hospitality inside ‘shined’ through a most appropriate light blanket of wet percipitation called ‘snow’ outside that afternoon! What a great omen for our poignant and touching story.

The Staff & Cast - (Back row l. to r.) Lynn Manuell (Dramaturg), Beth Sheinis, Jack Dyville (Playwright/Director) (Front row Gus Ferrari as Edgar and Lucy Sorlucco as Miss Lovely)

The Players - Gus & Lucy

A View of Our Guests

Ed Gaynes, Producer of St Luke's Theatre, NYC and Guests

Co-Producer of FACT, (foreground) David Gillam Fuller and members.

The Menu and The Food! Yes a Good Time was had by All!!!

The Menu and The Food! Yes a Good Time was had by All!!!

An Umbrella in the Snow Logo Design by Gus Ferrari
Gala Reading photos by Lynn Manuell